Share Your Adventures

Delkia Adventures are fantastic role playing modules. If you’ve created an amazing role playing adventure that you’d like to share with the world, please contact us so we can work with you to upload your adventures on the Delkia website so you can share your adventures globally.

Free Roleplaying Adventure Modules

Free and open source adventure modules is a dream we would love to make a reality. Paint Adventures with Delkia and share your adventures with the world.

Free and stable OS for all your adventuring needs

One day we look forward to giving you the Delkia Operating System for free so you can take your adventures with you on a usb drive that can fit easily on your key chain. Imagine not carrying heavy books to your games, and playing online on a rock solid OS that does not crash and brings live back to your older computer hardware.

It’s also great for the environment saving old computers and they will run surprising fast and stable, especially for online role playing adventures with group video chat. Delkia OS Dev already supports many popular gaming websites. Make Delkia your main OS and share your adventures with the world. We support every major web browser, but one in particle can cause problems during updates. We recommend you stick with free and open source web browsers for now.

The Future of Delkia OS and Adventure Modules

Delkia OS could be a cloud based operating system and cloud based role playing adventure games rolled into one. Imagine not having to even carry a USB drive. You could play from any device, from anywhere in the using just you user name and password. The future is coming sooner than you think. As 5G starts to roll out in many countries around the world, it’s going to open up a lot of opportunity for cloud based gaming and operating systems. If you’re as excited as we are, please leave your comments below. We’d love your feedback, both the good and bad. We want to get to know our website visitors better so tell us about yourself and your adventures in the comments below, or email us directly using our contact page.

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