Nano Bot Mosquito Adventures

Get ready for the Nano Bot Mosquito Adventures Series. If you thought Mosquito’s were pesky, you haven’t experienced nothing yet. Imagine get bit by a mosquito, that injects nano mosquito’s into your blood. Well, that’s some of the dangers that lurk ahead in this adventure. So be quick about finding help and a cure for these nasty bugs flowing through your blood if you want to stay alive.

Let the Adventure Begin

You are on a camping trip with your group, deep in the wilderness. The sun is setting, and you start to feel a faint buzzing around your ears. Suddenly, you are swarmed by a cloud of vicious mosquitoes! You and your group try to swat them away, but no matter what you roll, it seems like there’s just too many of them.

You all start to feel dizzy and your vision starts to blur. You realize that the mosquitoes are injecting you with something that is changing your insides and causing pain.  You are being affected by it as is your entire group. Do you try to run for cover and seek help, or do you try to fight off the mosquitoes and find a cure for whatever they injected you with?

To your left is an ancient temple. The temple is filled with traps and puzzles, and you must use all of your cunning and skill to navigate through it. Because the mosquitoes have affected your sight, it maybe more difficult to navigate the temple.
As the mosquitoes continue to swarm you, you begin to feel as though you are being watched from the temple. You hear strange noises and catch glimpses of movement in the corners of your eyes. You start to wonder if the temple is inhabited by something otherworldly. Maybe it can help you or maybe it’s here to harm you. Let’s roll a D20 and find out what happens next.

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