Kappa River Adventure

Kappa River Adventure is a terrifying adventure set along a mystical and evil Japanese river full of brain damaged Kappa with sharp claws. If you get a moment to think without being attacked, you may be able to out-wit these quick little brats. Be especially careful of their claws, some have been taught by Demons to carry poison in their innocent looking pool of water on top their head. Just a quick dip of they hands and their claws become powerful lethal weapons with even the smallest scratch to your skin.

Murdered Children Monsters

The Kappa come from surviving babies a thousand years ago. They was a famine and so parents took their small babies to the river and bashed they skulls in will large rocks to kill them. Well, not all dies while washing away down the river. A few survived completely brain damaged and now they’re angry.

Kappa River Adventure

Kappa River Adventure

Don’t get tricked by age

Even if their age looks like they’re an adult, be careful. They only have a mind of a damaged infant. So don’t expect them to use any logic when they attack you. They can inflict damage fast and are excellent swimmers. So you’re best to avoid fighting them in any pool of water, especially fast moving rivers.

Kappa Can Jump, Fly and Protect Themselves in a Shell

The Kappa children were murdered by their starving parents then cast away. The few left behind that lived were badly injured. Some Turtle families took them in and raised them as their own. Other families they saved them and raised them were duck families too. Even frogs family’s fed them and treated them as their own. So be aware of the Kappa’s history and upbringing. They have excellent jumping abilities, while others seem to glide half in flight. Others can hide in a turtle-like shell.

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