Dori of Death

Japanese Village Oni Monster Dori of Death Adventure. The Dori of Death is set hundreds of years ago in Tohoku Japan. There is a street in Sendai that’s haunted because of the over 200,000 souls that were taken there. Dori is a Japanese word for street, so the title of this adventure in English would be translated correctly as Street of Death. You can feel death in the air, it’s surrounds the buildings on the “Street of Death”. Be prepared to learn about a deep dark secret this town has been covering up for centuries.

Demon Death Street

The adventure starts off with you and your fellow travellers entering a village full of Japanese Oni, Demons. You need to buy some Demon juice, or make your own before you wonder too far downtown. Demons here are very powerful because of the city’s history. They can somehow absorb the evil from the dark souls hiding there.

Get Ready to Battle Demons Like None Other

Japanese Village Oni Monster Dori of Death Enter a Haunted Demon City and prepare for battle!

Japanese Village Oni Monster Dori of Death

Dori of Death 

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