Daimonji Creatures

If a murder of crow’s scares you, then you’re going to be freaked out by our Daimonji Adventure module. Make sure you use your intelligence and be prepared for some wacky battles in the mystical volcanic mountains of Daimonji.

Cyborg Flying Creatures

Over thousands of years in this mystical mountainous land, crows have had their skulls smashed in by rocks. These Daimonji creatures are unique to this volcanic land. Only crows with soft skulls survived. If the were born with a dense high calcium skull, the local would bang it so hard, it would not form a concave. So they impact was too hard, they eneded dying. But a crow with soft skulls, survived. So after thousands of years of brutal selection, these crows have such a soft skull, it can be easily pliable to form a concave. This pool on the top of the crows head was used for different purposes, but now with technology, it appears this concave is full of electronics. Maybe these crows are being controlled by an AI algorithm. Or maybe some creature, only god knows where, is controlling them remotely.

The Amazing Daimonji Adventure Module

Get yourself the Daimonji module for an action packed adventure filled with Daimonji Creatures including frogmen and cyborg enhanced crows, there’s more surprises hiding in the mountain of Daimonji. Are you ready to face them?

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