Cliff Dwellers Baby Sac Adventure

Cliff Dwellers Baby Sac Adventure starts off in the early morning. You awaken on a rock cliff with evergreen trees growing tall. Entrenched deep into the rocks you wonder how a tree could survive growing in such impossible conditions. As you skirt your way through the trees, praying for footing with each step, a translucent sac with two moving fetuses of different ages appears swinging from the trees branches tied above with it umbilical cord, a little brown creature swings down along you and punches open the sac, the babies hiss and show their sharp teeth as they snap out to bite you like a snapping turtle.

Cliff Dwellers Baby Sac Adventure

Baby Sac Creature

You wonder if the brown creature is looking to the sac for a food source or if its their parent trying to help them breath after just being delivered moment earlier. You’re not sure what is going on.

The Cliff Dwellers Baby Sac Adventure is an experience you’ll soon not forget with creatures you’ve never encountered or imagined.

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