Delkia - Paint Adventures. Free and open source role playing computer operating system* (*in development). We are working on a fully portable operating system that fits on a tiny USB drive that can fit easily on your keychain.

Imagine being able to travel light and have all your role playing data with you at all times. No need to carry all those heavy Player's and Monster books with you causing should pain.

All you'll need is a compatible desktop computer or laptop to use when you arrive at your destination.

We may even release a cloud based OS in the future so you won't even need to carry around that USB drive on your keychain.

Delkia Camel Monster

Keep Your Group Adventuring Longer

I don't know about your DM, but mine is always having technical issues that frustrated two of the players in our group so much, they quit his game. He was running his online adventures on an older laptop with the original OS it shipped with. It would constantly overheat and crash. If he was running his game on Delkia OS, our group might still be together.

I have tested the development version in game play for over 16 hours and runs smoothly, even under heavy graphic loads.

Paint Your Adventures and Share

We want to share your awesome role playing adventures with the world. We will add your adventures to our adventures section for download. Contact us for more information.

Dragons & Monster Artists

If you are a talented adventure artist and/or photographer and would like to have your art showcased on this website and as wallpaper for Delkia OS, please use our contact form and submit us your works. We are looking forward to hearing from you today!

Japanese Frog Monster

Japanese Frog Monster

Delkia OS Desktop

Delkia OS Game Play

Delkia OS in action during live game play. The development version is running very smooth without any hiccups.

Delkia OS Game Play